A downloadable Heal Or Kill for Windows


I made this short game for the LowRezJam 2016,

that's why it is displayed in 64*64px but you can upscale it up to 512*512 with the F11 key.
The goal of this game is to have the best score, and you get it while healing friends or killing enemies.
the enemies are the zombie (blue shirt, very fashionable) and the golem (the tall man), but always remember that when you kill a golem, it become a zombie (and get a blue fashionable shirt.
the only friend you have (forever alone) is the green-shirt guy, don't kill him :( please... but heal him, it will make him disappear and you'll get points.
if an enemy (or a friend) touch you, it will kill you (yeah, you're not very sociable).

the music entirely belongs to Dakkagob, check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/dakkag-b

That's all for the game, I hope you'll beat me! ;)
GL HF, Coda

Install instructions

extract the content and launch 'HealOrKill.exe'.

that's all :D


HealOrKill.zip 15 MB

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